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Women's Health Western Mediterranean Cruise

Continuing Education, Inc

The purpose of this CME activity is to provide a review of clinical conditions encountered by the Family Physician and address common gynecological problems.

Preliminary topics:
  1. Evaluation of infertility
  2. Sexual activity at the menopause
  3. The state of ART
  4. Understanding polycystic ovarian disease
  5. The normal clitoris and causes of its acquired enlargement
  6. The Big “O” – Osteoporosis
  7. Dispensing Health Information: Medical Writing, the Internet and More
  8. Managing the Abnormal Pap Smear: Current Guidelines
  9. Appropriate Use of Prescription and Non-prescription Drugs in Pregnancy
  10. STDs: current Guidelines
  11. Management of DUB Using Endometrial Ablation
  12. Newer Hormonal Alternatives in Managing Menopausal Symptoms
  13. Update on Hormonal Contraception
  14. Work, Women, Fertility, and Family
At the conclusion of this activity, participants should be able to:
  1. Understand current evaluation and treatment of infertility
  2. Understand assisted reproductive technologies
  3. Evaluate sexual dysfunction at the menopause
  4. Assess patients for suspected polycystic ovarian syndrome
  5. Understand the embryology of genital anatomy, and the causes of clitoral enlargement
  6. Discuss current approaches to the diagnosis and treatment of Osteoporosis
  7. Assess, utilize and provide objective health information from a range of internet sources
  8. Utilize an evidence-based algorithm for managing abnormal pap smears
  9. Identify which drugs to avoid, which to use, and which to consider during pregnancy
  10. Utilize current CDC guidelines in managing STDs
  11. Apply current endometrial ablation techniques to the needs of a particular practice setting
  12. Apply current hormone therapy guidelines to menopausal patients on an individual basis
  13. Evaluate various contraceptive options to provide individualized contraceptive counseling to patients
Jul 2016
Aug 2016

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Aboard Royal Caribbean's Harmony of the Seas