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Women's Health Western Caribbean Cruise

Continuing Education, Inc

Women’s Health: Tools for all practitioners

The course is specifically geared towards any practitioner who treats women, including gynecologists, family physicians, internists, nurse practitioners, and nurses

  • Smears and Viruses…What’s Next-learn how to apply the new cervical cancer screening guidelines, begin a vaccination program, and manage the most challenging cases. 1 hour
  • Contraception: What’s New and What’s Old?-learn the options both old and new, learn how to counsel your patients on effective contraception and how to assist them in choosing the right method. 1 hour
  • Sexuality-What’s a Doctor To Do?-learn how to ask the right questions and to help your patients find that “lost libido.” 1 hour
  • Vulvar Pain Syndromes: Going Beyond Steroids-learn how to diagnosis vulvar skin conditions and treat holistically. Learn the use appropriate use of steroids, biopsies, pelvic floor physical therapy, and a host of tricks to help your patients. 1 hour
  • Urinary Incontinence, Diagnosis, and Treatment Options from A to Z-learn how to diagnosis and treat all types of urinary incontinence, become familiar with the newest surgical and non-surgical options that your patients are reading about. 1 hour
  • New Gynecological Surgeries, Old Procedures With New Faces, and Patient Selection 101-learn the surgical options that are the latest “hot topics,” and help your patient achieve the best results using an individualized approach. 1 hour
  • Bugs and Drugs-learn the basics of sexually transmitted diseases and vaginitis: counseling and prevention, diagnosis, and treatment options. 1 hour
  • Breast Diseases for All Ages-learn how to diagnose and treat benign breast conditions and what you need to teach your patients to lower their breast cancer risk. 1 hour
  • Doctor, my ovary hurts!-learn how to evaluate a patient with pelvic pain, establish a management plan, and learn when to refer and when to operate, and what to do when it all fails. 1 hour
  • Bleeding: How much is too much?-learn how to evaluate women with dysfunctional uterine bleeding, how to guide them through the process of treatment options, learn the difference between the various hormonal and surgical options. 1 hour
  • WHI is 10 years old!-learn the up-to-date stratified WHI data released over the last ten years, learn some tips on how to counsel your patients on the use of HRT and the options they now have, get the latest information on helping your patients after menopause-from bones to vaginas and beyond. 1 hour
  • Cancer Reduction and Prevention-What All Women Want and Need to Know-learn the important facts on cancer prevention and risk reduction, including breast and gynecological cancers as well as many others. 1 hour
  • Nutrition: Where have all the farmers gone?-learn the benefits of a plant-based diet and how to help your patients achieve optimal health for themselves and their families, learn the tricks of teaching lifestyle and the “non-diet” diet. 1 hour
  • Teaching Wellness to Wonder Woman-learn how to guide your patients into wellness and joy and teach them balance. 1 hour
Oct 2016
Oct 2016

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Fort Lauderdale
Fort Lauderdale,
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Aboard Royal Caribbean's Allure of the Seas