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Session 6: Advances in Cryopreservation: Changing the World of Art and Keynote Lecture 5

D3.S6.P0 - Introduction

Presentation: Dr Soren Ziebe, Prof Teraporn Vutyavanich Duration: 1:19

D3.S6.P1 - Vitrification: the technique

Presentation: Dr Laura Rienzi Duration: 30:43

D3.S6.P2 - Vitrification: challenging the current practice

Presentation: Dr Dominic Stoop Duration: 21:53

D3.S6.P3 - Fertility preservation: a promise we can fulfil?

Presentation: Prof Michael Von Wolff Duration: 26:58

D3.S6.P5 - Keynote lecture 5 - IVF laboratory:upgrading to version 2.0

Presentation: Prof Arne Sunde Duration: 35:47

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