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Regulatory Processes Modulating Mammalian Reproduction

Waterville Valley, NH, USA

The 2016 Gordon Research Conference on Mammalian Reproduction will be held August 21-26 at Waterville Valley, NH. This conference will address advances in the basic biology of reproductive tract organs, placenta and mammalian germline cells. It will also feature presentations describing the impacts of environmental modulations on reproductive health and on long term health of offspring. The program will be focused on the latest advances in genetics, epigenetics and stem cells, as well as the use of genome editing tools to address the most critical scientific questions in the reproductive system.

The 2016 Gordon Research Conference on Mammalian Reproduction seeks to highlight recent advances in this multidisciplinary field and to also emphasize the translational potential of this work to human and animal health. The conference will reflect the diversity of junior and senior researchers who contribute to the reproductive sciences and medicine. Emphasis will be placed on communicating major recent conceptual and experimental advances in order to spotlight exciting new avenues of investigation. The meeting will be centered upon unpublished data and stimulating, active discussions amongst participants at all levels. We look forward to the inclusion of approximately 12 short talks of 15 minutes each that will be selected from applicants' abstracts. Poster sessions will be held each of the four full conference days. Graduate students and postdoctoral scientists are encouraged to apply.



Anne Croy & Amander T. Clark

Vice Chairs:
Humphrey H. Yao & Jon Oatley

Aug 2016
Aug 2016

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Waterville Valley, NH
United States