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Primary Care and Women's Health: Key Topics and Core Strategies Eastern Caribbean Cruise

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  • Hormonal Alternatives in Managing Menopause: 2015 Guidelines from The North American Menopause Society.
  • Treating and Screening for STD’s: Current CDC Guidelines
  • Managing Abnormal Pap Smears: 2015 Guidelines from ASCCP
  • Endometrial Ablation’s Role in Treating Menorrhagia
  • Update on Hormonal Contraception
  • Communicating with Patients: Medical Writing, Health Literacy, Medical Websites and More
  • Medications and Pregnancy-an Overview of Current Useage
  • Case studies in thyroid disorders
  • Screening for Coronary and Vascular Disease
  • Evaluating Heart murmurs in Kids and Adults.
  • Reducing Medical Errors
  • Exercise and Exercise prescription
  • Case studies in Palliative care and Pain Management
  • Eat to Live, what is the healthiest diet?
  • Discuss with patients the elements of the healthiest diet
  • Learn to sell exercise as a “drug” to help patients live longer
  • Determine when to institute thyroid replacement
  • Assess and manage thyroid nodules
  • Assess patients using global assessment tools to decide who will benefit from aggressive primary or secondary prevention
  • Describe the types of heart murmurs that are pathological
  • Describe when to order a prolactin level and how prescribe testosterone
  • Describe five techniques to reduce medical errors
  • Apply current techniques of endometrial ablation as a viable alternative to hysterectomy
  • Utilize an evidence-based algorithmic approach for managing abnormal PAP smears
  • Utilize current CDC guidelines in managing STDs
  • Evaluate various contraceptive options to provide contraceptive counseling on an individual basis
  • Identify drugs to avoid, drugs to use, and drugs to consider in pregnancy
  • Apply current hormone therapy guidelines to menopausal patients on and individual basis
  • Assess and utilize objective health information from a range of internet sources


Jun 2016
Jun 2016

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