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UIT 2016 - 26 - 28 January, Lisbon, Portugal

  • Opening Lecture: Integrating omic approaches to discover female fertility genes

    Carole Ober

  • Session I: Improving ART outcomes

    Chairpersons: Mohamed Aboulghar and Jan-Steffen Krüssel

    Individualised dosing for ovarian stimulation in ART
    Alternative treatments in ovarian stimulation – are they effective?
    Alternative treatments in implantation – are they effective?

  • Session II: PCOS

    Chairpersons: Bart Fauser and Pak Chung Ho

    Heterogeneity and long-term consequences of PCOS
    Is polycystic ovarian morphology related to oocyte quality after COS?
    Lifestyle influences on natural fertility and ART

    Keynote lecture I: Endometriosis and ART  


  • Session III: Reproductive genetics

    Chairpersons: Carlos Simón and Joe Leigh Simpson

    Carrier screening prior to conception
    Point of care genetic sequencing
    Ethical considerations of screening

    Keynote lecture II: The impact of the microbiome    

  • Session IV: Ethics and reproductive medicine

    Chairpersons: Adam Balen and Paul Devroey

    Social freezing – anticipation for gamete exhaustion
    Donor anonymity
    Denial of care for medical and social reasons

    Keynote lecture III: Preventing infertility

  • Session V: Advances in reproductive technology

    Chairpersons: Alvaro Petracco and Søren Ziebe

    Can we select the best sperm?
    Techniques proposed to improve embryo selection – do they work?
    Fertility preservation in boys

    Keynote lecture IV: From mono-ovulation to poly-ovulation – oocyte regulation of folliculogenesis

  • Session VI: Redefining strategies in ART

    Chairpersons: Alan Penzias and Basil Tarlatzis

    New paradigms for ART success
    Freeze all?
    Can we identify the optimal endometrium?

ESHRE 2014 - 29 June - 2 July, Munich, Germany


    Chairpersons: Jan-Steffen Krüssel (Germany) and Jie Qiao (China)

    Co-Chairperson's introduction
    Human Ovarian Steroidogenesis and Gonadotrophin Stimulation
    Interpreting Follicular Phase Progesterone
    AMH to Guide Ovarian Stimulation
    Co-Chairperson's concluding remarks

UIT 2014 - 22–24 January, Prague, Czech Republic

  • Chairman's Welcome and Opening Lecture

    Chairman’s Welcome
    Opening Lecture – Alliance for fertility preservation

  • Session 1: Treatment pathway of the infertile couple

    Chairpersons: Professor Mohamed Aboulghar, Professor Jan-Steffen Krüssel

    Investigation of infertility
    Is there a place for intrauterine insemination?
    Preparation for IVF
    Panel discussion
    Guest lecture - From molecule to man

  • Session 2: Variations in treatment protocols

    Chairpersons: Professor Alan Penzias, Professor Pak Chung Ho

    Agonist triggering
    Programming antagonists in IVF cycles
    Deferred embryo transfer
    Panel discussion
    Keynote 1 - Is cross-border reproductive care an ethical problem, and for whom?

  • Session 3: Advances in embryology

    Chairpersons: Dr Søren Ziebe, Professor Álvaro Petracco

    Is oocyte vitrification equally good for all women?
    Is embryo physiology reflected in the morphology?
    Novel methods of non-invasive embryo assessment
    Panel discussion
    Keynote 2 - Update on technologies for fertility preservation

  • Session 4: Genetics in diagnosis and management of pregnancy

    Chairpersons: Professor Carlos Simón, Professor Joe Leigh Simpson

    Does array CGH improve pregnancy rates?
    PGD for single gene disorders
    Transcriptomic assessment of endometrial factor
    Panel discussion

  • Session 5: Ovarian reserve - individualisation of treatment

    Chairpersons: Professor Bart Fauser, Professor Adam Balen

    Biology of ovarian reserve
    Clinical application of biomarkers
    Treatment of poor responders
    Panel discussion
    Keynote 4 - Are we close to making artificial gametes?

  • Session 6: Challenges in infertility treatment... to treat or not to treat?

    Chairpersons: Professor Paul Devroey, Professor Basil Tarlatzis

    Couples with viral diseases
    Women with cancer
    Women deferring childbearing
    Panel discussion
    Keynote 5 - Donors without errors - do they exist?
    Chairman's closing remarks

ESHRE 2013 - 7-10 July 2013

  • From Heterogeneity To Personalistion Of Treatment

    Chairpersons: Alan Penzias and Richard Fleming

    The heterogeneity of gonadotrophins and its implications in ART (Johan Smitz)
    ART: From heterogeneity to individualisation of treatment
    AMH: What role should AMH play in treatment personalisation?

ESHRE 2012 - 3 July, Istanbul, Turkey

  • Patient Centred ART

    Chairpersons: Prof Paul Devroey, Bülent Urman

    What are the patient's expectations?
    Towards the best outcome: GRADE-ing the evidence
    Follicular phase progesterone: towards understanding the evidence
    Closing remarks

UIT Congress 2012, 8-10 February, Budapest, Hungary

  • Opening Session & Lecture

    Chairpersons: Prof Paul Devroey, Prof Basil Tarlatzis

    D1.P0 - Chairman's welcome
    D1.P1 - Sponsor's welcome
    D1.P2 - Partnership to support global education in infertility
    D1.P3 - Elsevier Online Resource

  • Session 1: Infertility: Assessment and Prognostication and Keynote Lecture 1

    Chairpersons: Prof Bart Fauser, prof Adam Balen

    D2.S1.P0 - Introduction
    D2.S1.P1 - Assessing embryo competence: Finding a common language
    D2.S1.P2 - Trends in racial disparities in ART outcomes
    D2.S1.P3 - Calculating success: from cohort to individual
    D2.S1.P4 - Panel discussion
    D2.S1.P5 - Keynote lecture 1 - Is sperm quality declining and do we have the tests to tell?

  • Session 2: Safety: Multiple Pregnancies, OHSS, Outcome of the Child and Keynote Lecture 2

    Chairpersons: Prof Jan-Steffen Krüssel, Prof Mohamed Aboulghar

    D2.S2.P0 - Introduction
    D2.S2.P1 - Prevention of OHSS
    D2.S2.P2 - Children after ART
    D2.S2.P3 - Multiple pregnancies and infertility treatment
    D2.S2.P4 - Panel discussion
    D2.S2.P5 - Keynote lecture 2 - Infertility in polycystic ovary syndrome: causes, management and outcome of pregnancy
    D2.S2.P6 - Closing session 2

  • Session 3: MEGASET Study and Guest Lecture

    Chairpersons: Prof Paul Devroey, Dr Søren Ziebe

    D2.S3.P0 - Introduction
    D2.S3.P1 - Overview of MEGASET clinical trial
    D2.S3.P2 - What does MEGASET add to our understanding of the importance of endocrine dynamics during ART?
    D2.S3.P3 - Quality of embryos and chances of success in ART: lessons from MEGASET
    D2.S3.P4 - Panel discussion
    D2.S3.P5 - Guest lecture - Art and reproductive health
    D2.S3.P6 - Closing session 3

  • Session 4: Genetics and Stem Cells and Keynote Lecture 3

    Chairpersons: Prof Carlos Simón, Prof Alan Penzias

    D3.S4.P0 - Introduction
    D3.S4.P1 - Will IVF without PGD be possible in the future?
    D3.S4.P3 - Endometrial stem cells
    D3.S4.P4 - Panel discussion
    D3.S4.P5 - G. Pennings - Keynote lecture 3 - Cross-border medicine
    D3.S4.P6 - Closing session 4

  • Session 5: Evidence-Based Medicine and Ovarian Stimulation and Keynote Lecture 4

    Chairpersons: Prof Álvaro Petracco, Prof Pak Chung Ho

    D3.S5.P0 - Introduction
    D3.S5.P1 - Understanding evidence
    D3.S5.P2 - Appropriate ovarian stimulation
    D3.S5.P3 - The significance of progesterone rise before hCG administration
    D3.S5.P4 - Panel discussion
    D3.S5.P5 - R. Fleming - Keynote lecture 4 - AMH - broad overview
    D3.S5.P6 - Closing session 5

  • Session 6: Advances in Cryopreservation: Changing the World of Art and Keynote Lecture 5

    Chairpersons: Dr Søren Ziebe, Prof Teraporn Vutyavanich

    D3.S6.P0 - Introduction
    D3.S6.P1 - Vitrification: the technique
    D3.S6.P2 - Vitrification: challenging the current practice
    D3.S6.P3 - Fertility preservation: a promise we can fulfil?
    D3.S6.P4 - Panel discussion
    D3.S6.P5 - Keynote lecture 5 - IVF laboratory:upgrading to version 2.0

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