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Interview with Prof Dr Bart Fauser at COGI Amsterdam 2016 - part two

Highlights on the session session “Relevance of embryo competence for successful IVF, and the role of GCSF” by Prof Dr Bart Fauser

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A. Yes, I think it is in-line with what has been discussed before. There the focus of my presentation was, it was meant for embryologists, people working in the embryology laboratory, and usually what they see is, of course, the gametes, the oocytes and the sperm that comes in the laboratory and then they bring it together and they fertilise and they let the embryo develop and then they see it up until when the embryo leaves the laboratory or enters the human body. Although many of those steps can be looked at in detail, and you can define standards, how it should perform and quality control, quality management, but the focus of my presentation was that, although quality management in the lab is very important, the people should realise that it is not going to be all of it and it is not going to give all the answers. It may only, to some extent, bring treatment forward, because you have to realise, and embryologists have to realise, that all those oocytes, although under the microscope they may look the same, they very much depend on where it is coming from, so the patient, how stimulation protocols were performed. There is so much variation beyond the scope of what is happening in the lab. This is the gametes going in, but for the embryos going out it is the same. How are they transferred, how about the endometrium and the endometrial receptivity, so the possibility for the embryo to implant and to give rise to a pregnancy and then how to define a healthy pregnancy or a live birth?

A. There again it is important, not just for the sub-specialities, as we mentioned in the beginning, in the OB/GYN specialty, but also for the embryologist to understand the bigger picture and what their primary responsibility is key for IVF outcome, but you can only advance it even more and bring it forward if they take all the other contexts into consideration also.

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