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Interview with Prof Dr Bart Fauser at COGI Amsterdam 2016

Views of Prof Dr Bart Fauser On “Is infertility treatment a good example of the personalisation of medicine”

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A. We often work according to guidelines, but, of course, guidelines are not so very personalised, they are general rules and often guidelines are based upon scientific evidence in the literature and that scientific evidence, according to current standards, is based on randomised control trials: big studies where, in a large group of individuals usually, you compare two different strategies and you define which strategy is better compared to the other.

A. By definition, such research strategies only focus on average, on means of a group and now we enter an area where we start to realise that these golden rules that we set over the last 20 years are no longer valid for the questions today. Therefore, you have to go from a group to an individual and you need very different research strategies to do that. That is going to be the focus of my presentation tomorrow.

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