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Interview with Dr Antonio Pellicer at COGI Amsterdam 2016

View of Dr Antonio Pellicer on fertility preservation: What is the best – oocyte vitrification or tissue freezing

Dr Antonio Pellicer 1-HD 1080p

A. It is very important, because we are fortunate that over 90% of patients who have cancer at a young age, they are cured from cancer, but unfortunately, the medication that weuse, chemotherapy, affects the gonads. If we do not preserve either the ovary or the eggs of a woman once she finishes chemotherapy, maybe the eggs in the ovaries are damaged.

A. We can either take an ovary and put it again in place after cancer treatment, or wecan take eggs, do in vitro fertilisation and get the woman pregnant through IVF in vitrofertilisation. We have accumulated the highest experience in the world, because we, I ampresenting in this meeting more than 1,700 patients, but out of this 1,752/3 patients, only 49came back to get their oocytes fertilised and replaced into the uterus because they havechosen to do egg freezing, and only 44 had their ovaries frozen and wanted her ovariestransplanted again after cure.  We are comparing 49 women, egg freezing, to 44 womenovarian freezing.

A. Although this is an ongoing study, because every week we have new pregnancies,new patients going on, I have analysed 10 years’ experience from 2005 to 2015 and, I cantell you that today, the take home baby rate is 33% in egg freezing, as compared to 18% intissue freezing.  For this reason, today doctors in our institution advise patients preferablywith egg freezing than ovarian cortex preservation.  Both of them work and again, I amhappy that we have solutions for patients who have cancer.

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