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Updates on Indications, Interactions and Complications in the Uses of Pharmaceuticals Mediterranean Cruise

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Drug Abuse and Misuse (3 hrs)
  • Identify the dangers associated with the nonmedical use of prescription and OTC medications.
  • Recognize the patient characteristics and techniques that may suggest the possibility of diversion/mis-use.
  • Identify ways to prevent medication abuse in your patients and drug diversion within your practice.
  • Compare and contrast challenges with Prescription Drug Monitoring Programs and behind the counter status.
  • Discuss the use of marijuana (and its active ingredients) for various medicinal purposes.

Understanding Patient’s Approaches in Self-Care (2hrs)

  • Define self-care and describe patient’s attitude about self-care.
  • Outline strategies for assessing and counseling patients on the use of OTC products in self-care.
  • Describe patient’s attitudes about monitoring devices and diagnostics for self-care.
  • Identify new personal health care technologies and the impact they may have on patient outcomes.

Optimizing Medication Adherence and Outcomes (2hrs)

  • Define medication compliance, adherence, and persistency.
  • Identify strategies to promote medications adherence among all healthcare providers.
  • Describe the impact of poor adherence on clinical and economic outcomes for patient and stakeholders.
  • List common sources for miscommunication in health care that can lead to potentially serious medical errors.
  • Describe the necessary points within the medication use system in which technology can be employed to reduce medical errors and enhance patient outcomes.

From Pharmacogenomics to Personalized Medicine (2hrs)

  • Describe the benefits and limitations of genetic testing and use in managing medications in specific patients.
  • Discuss the use of new technologies such a laboratory-developed tests (LDTs) by the general public.
  • Identify new personal health care technologies and the impact they may have on patient outcomes.
  • Recognize various gene-drug (biomarker-drug) pairs with pharmacogenomic applications.

Pharmaceutical Regulatory Update and Key Product Approvals (3hrs)

  • Identify key brand to generic approvals as well as prescription to over-the-counter approvals.
  • Compare and contrast key recent drug approvals with those already used for specific conditions.
  • Discuss important patient counseling and therapeutic monitoring considerations for new drugs approvals.
  • Describe the challenges associated with biosimilars and biologics and their interchangeability.
  • Outline the FDA's role in post-marketing safety surveillance for medical and pharmaceutical products.

Creating Highly Effective Health Care Teams (2hrs)

  • Describe the benefits and limitations of collaborative practice models in various patient care settings.
  • Recognize the importance of aligning incentives in a “pay for performance” model that includes all providers.
  • Describe the elements necessary (patient data) necessary to support improvements in health outcomes.
  • Discuss the rationale for collaborative models of care that deliver enhanced patient and economic outcomes.
Apr 2016
Apr 2016

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