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The Reproductive Health Summit 2016


This inaugural three day event will discuss the current research surrounding reproductive and sexual health, including clinical research and the development of treatment. In an academic setting there will be plenty of discussion and debate, as well as presentations from international speakers regarding global challenges in this field.

Reproductive health is a broad field encompassing fertility, reproduction, genetics, and infection and disease. With a great disparity in reproductive health services around the world, research into affordable treatments is growing more and more important.

This event is suited to anyone with an academic or professional interest in reproduction and its research; including researchers, senior scientists, postgraduate students, clinicians, pharmacologists, and those who work in research and development of pharmaceuticals and related technology.

A late registration fee applies after February 20th 2016.

This event has an open abstract session.  

Abstracts can be submitted on any subject related to reproductive health.
The Deadline for abstract submissions for oral presentation is January 10th 2016.
Abstracts for poster presentation only can be submitted up to two weeks before the event.
You can download the instructions for authors at:

This event has CPD accreditation



Apr 2016
Apr 2016

Address details

Peninsula Square
SE10 0DX
United Kingdom

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Cineworld: The O2