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Gynecoplastic Live Surgery Workshop


We invite doctors to attend the Gynecoplastic Live Surgery Workshop consisting of exclusive and in-depth courses.

We hope you learn the latest surgical techniques of gynecoplasty and advanced knowledge at this workshop hosted by WAAPS (World Academy of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery).

Through this course, you will:

  1. Learn upgraded gynecoplasty
  2. Learn about necessary equipment for the surgical process
  3. Learn postoperative complications and its precautionary measures along with knowledge about aftercare treatments.
  4. Experience more gynecoplasty and develop your own skills

There will be time for lectures and discussions followed by live surgical demonstrations.

Venue: Bell-rajue Women's Clinic Training Center
Fee: $5,000 (excl. airfares, transportation expenses, and accommodation)
Prospective attendees: 5~10 doctors who are interested in gynecoplasty
Date: 31st of Oct ~ 1st of Nov
Program: Educational contents can vary depending on situation

Oct 2015
Nov 2015

Address details

Munjungro 48gil 58, Seogu
South Korea

Location information

Bell-Rajue Women's Clinic Training Center