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Fourth Annual International Medical Conference: More Awareness of Chronic Pelvic Pain In Women

Egyptian Society of Chronic Pelvic Pain in Women

President  of  the  conference

Dr.  Nasr   Said   Nassar


Consultant of  Obstetrics and Gynecology

Chairman of  and  Founder

Women  in  Pain  Pelvic  Chronic  Egyptian  Society of


Debilitating disease or symptoms affect more than quarter  of women in any given society, so, it is considered a major heath issue for women health. More than half of them are with unknown  etiology or vague undefined diagnosis, so both the doctors and patients get lost and feel  frustration in majority of cases of sever debilitating  pain. Chronic  Pelvic  Pain  In Women ( CPPW ) is very common and thus promote more and better awareness  and understanding of clinical conditions, leading to  proper management of patients.

Chronic  Pelvic  Pain  In  Women

The overall goal of this conference is to update health care providers with recent researchs in various hot topics in diagnosis and treatment. Speakers  are carefully selected and  Lectures are carefully designed to augment the clinical experiences.

Consensus of experts in this particular field  is discussed.

Learning Objectives :

Upon completion of the conference,  participants should be able to deal  properly to different  kinds  of disease or symptoms by apply the recent evidence based concepts, physiological  and pathological principles, investigations methods, managements procedures  in each cause of pain. 

Sep 2015
Sep 2015

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51, Oroopa Street, Heliopolis

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Le Meridien Heliopolis