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European Students Conference: “Science or Fiction? – Imagine the future of medicine”

European Students

The European Students' Conference is one of the largest annual biomedical conferences worldwide and has been one of the main events at Charite Berlin for many years. 

The ESC represents an interdisciplinary platform for international scientific exchange between students, clinicians, researchers and professors from different fields and cultural backgrounds.

“Facing Antimicrobial Resistance – Research Revolution wanted” with this topic the 27th European Student’s Conference will focus on one of the biggest problems in present health care and infection treatment.

 Over the past years growing antimicrobial resistance has become a global issue, requiring a global response. Our aim is to induce lively discussions on how to deal with this progress and how to avoid an ongoing.


We will ask questions like: What leads to antimicrobial resistance and where are we, future doctors and scientists, able to intervene? Which therapy methods can be alternatives to antibiotics and which role will they play for our daily work with bacterial infections? How can we, as young professionals, change the usage of antibiotics and what adjustment is necessary?


Interdisciplinary experts will support us in analyzing the current situation and present new international research and solving approaches. Main points will be:

  1. The comparison of international healthcare and hygiene systems,
  2. Impact assessment of antibiotic use for non-health purposes (e.g. in animal breeding), 
  3. Introduction of consequences for clinical treatment (especially Sepsis-treatment) and bio medical research, such as improved detection and tracking of pathogens, simple and accurate diagnostics, identification of novel drugs and development new treatment methods and,
  4. The analyses of the economic side of antibiotic and drug development.

A coordinated action between government, food industry, pharmaceutical companies and the health system is highly needed and leads to high expectations towards scientists and researchers. At the ESC, we believe that our pool of talented young medical scientists from across the world can induce a fruitful scientific exchange and, with that, make a decisive contribution towards achieving this goal.


This year’s ESC will take place from 28th September to 1st of October 2016 at the Charit� – Universit�tsmedizin Berlin (Campus Virchow Klinikum, Berlin-Wedding), one of the largest university hospitals in Europe and one of Germany’s most research-intensive medical institutions.

Get inspired by the range of research and be a flagship of innovation with us! We are looking forward to exciting and unforgettable days with you in the great city of Berlin!

Call for registration is open.Send in your abstract from all fields of Medicine Research& Medicine.

Any queries, feel free to contact Your Ambassador

Samreen Fathima  email :

 for ESC 2016.

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Sep 2016
Oct 2016

Address details

Augustenburger Platz 1 (Forum 3 = internal address) 13353
13353 Berlin

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Campus Virchow Klinikum