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12th Seminar of the ESCRH: Removing medical, social, cultural and religious barriers to effective and safe contraception

European Society of Contraception and Reproductive Health

The Seminar Committee is looking forward to welcoming you at the 12th ESC Seminar, in Tel-Aviv, Israel (2-4 September, 2015).

The seminar will revolve around its chosen theme of "Removing medical, social, cultural and religious barriers to effective and safe contraception".

The scientific program has been divided into four plenary sessions on Medical, Social, Cultural and Religious Barriers, a free communication session, as well as several workshops. Many international experts, are invited as speakers to this seminar. Local experts will also present lectures.
The 12th ESC Seminar will be interesting for colleagues who want to increase their own knowledge and wish to share their experiences in contraceptive use. It is also anticipated that participants will be able to conceive innovative ways to promote the use of efficacious and safe contraceptives and to remove the many barriers currently present all over the European continent.

We are expecting mainly attendants from Israel and nearby Mediterranean countries. However, colleagues who work in the field of contraception from other European Countries are also warmly invited to come to Tel-Aviv.

Tel-Aviv is spread on the Mediterranean Sea, and is the commercial and night-life hub of Israel. It is conjoined with Jaffa, one of the world's oldest and best preserved ports.

Sep 2015
Sep 2015

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Charles Clore Park
Tel Aviv 68012

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Dan Panorama Hotel