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IFFS International Symposium Series

IFFS International Symposium in São Paulo,

São Paulo, Brazil. May 4-5, 2012.

The International Federation of Fertility Societies (IFFS) is pleased to have collaborated with its member society the Sociedade Brasileira de Reprodução Humana (SBRH), together with the Sociedade Brasileira de Endometriose (SBE), in organizing the first meeting in the IFFS International Symposium SeriesinSão Paulo, Brazil on May 4, 2012.  The theme of the meeting was “Recent Advances in Endometriosis and Reproductive Medicine.”

Bringing science and practice home, the IFFS International Symposium Series focuses on topical areas of reproductive health relevant to regional concerns, presenting cutting edge research, contemporary review and topical debate. IFFS has a proven 60 year history of such expertise and represents over 60 member societies in these endeavors.

The event in São Paulo was opened by IFFS President Elect Joe Leigh Simpson who welcomed the participants to the first annual symposium.  He briefly described the history of IFFS, noting that prior to 1951 no international organization existed devoted to the problems of human infertility. In that year during an event in Rio de Janeiro, the “International Fertility Association” was formed; IFA was the predecessor to IFFS.  It was fitting to launch the first International Symposium Series event in the same country, Brazil, where IFFS was conceived.

The 2012 São Paulo event was greatly enhanced by the participation of prestigious international speakers invited for their prominence in the field, including:  Joe Leigh Simpson (United States, IFFS President Elect) who gave the dynamic keynote lecture “Genetics Selection: From the Gamete to the Embryo”; David Adamson (United States) who presented two keynote lectures “Do We Need a Classification Just for Infertile Patients with Endometriosis?” and “Should a Single Embryo Be Transferred to All Women Undergoing IVF?”; Carlos Sueldo (Argentina) who lectured on “Treatment of Infertility”; and Dominique de Ziegler (France) who offered the keynote lecture “Endometrium and Implantation”.  In addition to the four keynote lectures, three panel discussions were led by local Brazilian specialists on the topics: “PCOS - Past and Future”, “Cancer and Reproduction”, and “Endometriosis Treatment and Infertility– Is IVF the best option?”  The complete program with the names of all speakers, session presidents and moderators can be found on the IFFS website    

IFFS is honored that this one-day scientific meeting was coupled with the Ferring UIT Program presented on May 5, 2012.  This second day offered a broad range of topics related to fertility. IFFS is especially proud to note its partnership with Ferring Pharmaceuticals and is grateful for their support.

Joe Leigh Simpson, IFFS President Elect, summed up the feelings of the day “The IFFS leadership was very pleased with all aspects of our first International Regional Symposium, especially the choice of South America as envisioned by our President David Healy. Artur Dzik, President of IFFS member society SBRH, as well as SBE President and IFFS Assistant Treasurer Mauricio Abrao, were outstanding hosts. Participants were attentive and engaged our international speakers with vigor. Collaborative work and ongoing relationships were initiated. This first IFFS International Symposium has certainly set the bar high for those that will follow”.

IFFS looks forward to sponsoring similar programs in the future in support of our continuing mission to provide worldwide educational outreach.

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