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Latest Articles

  • Combined effects of individual culture and atmospheric oxygen on preimplantation mouse embryos in vitro

    Kelley and Gardner

    Editorial comment by Dr. Jacques Cohen:

    It has been known that individual embryo culture is not optimal in in vitro embryo culture in the mouse. Also, the use of atmospheric oxygen reduces embryo development in human embryos growing in vitro in embryos from other species.  This paper shows that the combined effect of individual culture and atmospheric oxygen concentration is detrimental in the mouse.

  • Setting the record straight

    Editorial pertaining to Chen et al by Martin Johnson

    Editorial comment by Dr. Jacques Cohen:

    Here Martin Johnson explains the differences in intent, methods and outcomes between cytoplasmic transfer and mitochondrial replacement therapy (MRT).  The editorial criticizes the lack of full disclosure surrounding the birth of the first MRT baby in Mexico.  The editorial points out how the lay press (in response to an article by Jessica Hamzelou in the New Scientist) erroneously reported on the effects of cytoplasmic work on offspring.  The editorial finishes by suggesting that the lack of disclosure of cytoplasmic transfer parents of the procedure to their offspring, may also occur after MRT. Clinical teams and HFEA representatives should be prepared when there is a possible lack of motivation among parents (and older offspring) to comply to follow-up after MRT.

  • A limited survey-based uncontrolled follow-up study of children born after ooplasmic transplantation in a single centre

    Chen et al

    Editorial comment by Dr. Jacques Cohen:

    This is the first follow-up study of children conceived after cytoplasmic transfer. This was a first phase study aimed at evaluating children’s (aged 13-18) perceived health, academic performance, and their knowledge of how conception was achieved (disclosure). The disclosure rate was low, but children performed well in school and they were considered to be in good health. Parents of a quadruplet delivery did not participate in the survey.

Latest Interviews

Interview with Prof Dr Bart Fauser at COGI Amsterdam 2016

Views of Prof Dr Bart Fauser On “Is infertility treatment a good example of the personalisation of medicine”

Interview with Prof Dr Bart Fauser at COGI Amsterdam 2016 - part two

Highlights on the session session “Relevance of embryo competence for successful IVF, and the role of GCSF” by Prof Dr Bart Fauser

Interview with Dr Norbert Gleicher at COGI Amsterdam 2016

Views of Dr Norbert Gleicher on what his three studies presented at COGI can teach us about PGS

Featured Presentations

How to Design a Study -Nikolaos P. Polyzos gives a comparison of various study designs, and considerations such as randomization procedures and ethical considerations.  

How to Write an Abstract - Paul Devroey suggests preferred types of abstract and study, explains how it is of paramount importance to initiate a correct study design, with retrospective and historical nature to be avoided.

How to Write a Scientific Article - Nikolaos P. Polyzos offers advice on how to create a meaningful title, and how to structure the article into a coherent abstract, material and methods, results, discussion.

How to Critically Appraise a Study - Nikolaos P. Polyzos states that you should not accept the conclusions of any paper without question, and provides guidance of how to question these conclusions.

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Interview with Professor Zion Ben-Rafael by Dr Jacques Cohen at COGI Amsterdam 2016

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